The Waterstone Filtration Under Sink System gives you great tasting water and the security of kitchen flood prevention in one under sink package. The Waterstone Multi-Stage Filtration System is compact and has been designed to provide optimum filtration in a single cartridge unit. When used with a Waterstone Filtration Faucet, it removes sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odor from municipal drinking water. The integrated multi-stage cartridge contains two sediment pre-filters and a GAC (granulated activated charcoal) primary filter that work together to remove sediment, chlorine taste and odor. Waterstone’s Safety Valve Leak Detection Units are ideal for minimizing water damage when these disasters occur. Our Leak Detector automatically shuts off the water source when it detects moisture. Once the valve shuts off, the unit sounds off with an audible alarm, like a smoke detector, to let you know of a problem.



• Great tasting, filtered water on demand.
• Removes sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odor from municipal drinking water.
• Water filtration system and leak detector in one package.
• Includes a Waterstone Multi-Stage Filtration System and a Safety Valve Leak Detector.
• Leak Detector shuts off when moisture is detected.
• Compatible with RO filtration systems.
• Connection fittings included.
• Easy to install.

Under Sink Filtration System - Waterstone

SKU: 3000

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