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Our showroom in the Galleria district of Houston features a working model of the RAINMOON. You can turn it on and try the features. We are selling that exact system here in this listing, instead of the separate parts. It includes the concealed showerhead panel, the showerhead trim, the three way diverter wall rough, the Xtool thermostat volume controls, and feature switch. All trims are a polished chrome finish.


Dornbracht's RAINMOON - the experience shower

The effect of water on the body includes a psychological and spiritual experience. RAINMOON is the epitome of bliss giving rise to emotions such as relaxation, refreshment or security by combining water and light. RAINMOON is our response to the growing desire for balance and joie de vivre of the human being as there is an increase in everyday demands on people. Maintaining personal health is increasingly important – both physically and psychologically. The bathroom offers space for developing a personal health strategy.


Two Shower Methods: Tempest and Aqua Circle

With its large and particularly soft droplets which fall seemingly effortlessly and autonomously aided by gravity, the Tempest flow mode introduces the natural experience of a tempestuous rain shower to the bathroom. The flow mode does not follow any logic, but rather the natural inclination of the water. A thundery shower pouring down from every direction, clearing the air while simultaneously ensuring relaxation and refreshment.The effect of Aqua Circle is regulated by the volume of water. Like a gentle funnel, the water falls from the dome. The more water, the smaller the funnel effect, thus giving rise to a powerful and bundled flow which is ideal for washing skin and hair, for example. When less water is applied, the funnel enlarges, staying clear of the head, water falls like a rain curtain, quietly and consistently on areas of tension, ensuing Aqua Circle’s relaxing and meditative effects.


Included parts for the RAINMOON shower system


RAINMOON Panel for (ceiling installation)

  • Rain panel with 2 different spray modes
  • Aqua Circle: circular rain curtain with 72 jets, max 1.8 gpm
  • Tempest natural rain with 48 jets, max 1.8 gpm
  • Indirect ambient lighting, warm white LED light strip
  • Matte white cover, RAL 9003
  • Outside diameter 49.8", opening diameter 17.7"
  • Descaling system


RAINMOON Concealed Rain Panel

  • Ceiling installation bracket: 53.1" x 53.1" x 11"
  • 2x supply lines, 3/4"-14 NPT (mixed water), NPS 1/2"
  • 1x connector, 110-230v AC power supply
  • Ceiling panel cut-out, Ø 50.4"


Volume Controls

  • Polished chrome finish
  • Knurled texture
  • Flange is 2-3/8" square


xTOOL Thermostat with Three Volume Controls

  • Cover plate is 4-3/4" square
  • Flanges are 2-3/8" square
  • Temperature control handle with safety lock at 100F/38C


xTOOL Concealed Thermostat Rough with Three Volume Controls

  • Brass, lead free
  • 2x back flow preventer
  • Integrated supply stores
  • 1/2" connection
  • 2x connections 3/4" (hot/cold)
  • Thermostat cartridge
  • 2x Shaft and sleeve can be cut to length
  • 3x Mud guard
  • 2x Water protection
  • Sound insulation
  • Center to center 4-3/4"

NOTE: Due to minimum rough-in requirements , a framing of 2x6 studs is needed

Rainmoon Shower System (complete) by Dornbracht